Collaborative Projects

Place Project

One universal aspect of life is place. Everyone has a place they live, work, and hopefully enjoy. This project explores the commonality of place by having students tell stories about their favorite place.

What was it?
High school students from San Francisco and college students (from Stanford and Vanderbilt) respond to a simple writing assignment about their favorite place, then edit the responses into short movies.

Before the Talkies
One variant to help bridge language barriers is to create movies with minimal language use and no voiceover.

San Francisco area high schools, Vanderbilt, Stanford, Bay Area Video Coalation

Sample Videos

CS247: Interaction Design Studio

Worked with Stanford Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) students to create innovative ways to capture and share stories.

What we Did
The students learned user-centered design in a studio format, documenting scenarios in an idea log, and used various techniques such as personas, brainstorming, and heuristic evaluation. For the 'interactive prototype' and 'physical computer interface' projects, I presented the basic scenario of cross-cultural storytelling to two student groups and they used that input to create their class projects.

What Happened
Both groups evolved the concept in very interesting ways. One group took the idea of cross-cultural storytelling into a corporate setting, and created a working prototype of a video-wall, controlled by a cellphone, to share different ways people interact in a cross-cultural corporate team. The other group looked at ways to facilitate inter-generational storytelling, and created a working prototype of a 'story bear', a teddy bear equiped with lights, speakers, and a microphone that would help elderly storytellers tell their story.

Team 1: Dean Eckles, Andy Brooks, Marc de Sailly, Neil Patel
Team 2: Allison Huynh, Anna Ploskono, Jeff Holman Instructors
Instructors: Scott Klemmer & Bill Verplank
TA's: Nundu JanakiRam & Kevin Collins

Team 1: Breakin' News

Team 2: Storybear project

Digital Herobook Project

Strategic planning for Digital Herobook Project.

Over a six-month engagement with Digital Herobook Project, I recommended technical implementation strategy, assisted with mobile development ideation, and collaborated on business strategy brainstorming.

Digital Herobook Project team & board members